Monday, February 06, 2006

Process 2

Last week, I cast more greenware, the first phase in making pottery. The dinnerware is all slip cast from a lovely porcelain body I get from Seeley's, a porcelain doll company that helped me formulate this porcelain body for dinnerware last year. Yesterday I loaded the bisque kiln, the next step in getting work I can glaze, fire again, market, pack and ship. The process of making is inextricably linked to the story of the work. My energy is in the work. The energy of anyone actually producing an object is in the object itself. To disentangle ourselves from what I view as a slave economy, being sensitive to every stage of production is vital.
Process is production. Manufacturing is making. Production by the masses, not mass production. Techno Swadeshi.

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Greenjeans said...

Have you read Garrison Keillor's wonderful book "Homegrown Democrat?" He writes of the US as operating a "plantation economy," which makes terrifying sense to me. I think it relates to what you referred to here as a slave economy.

Love reading about your process, too! Keep it up!