Sunday, January 22, 2006


The picture here is of some seed vases I made last week at davistudio and fired over the weekend. People are often surprised at what happens in the kiln, so here is a little glimpse into to the process of making pottery. After I glaze a piece, the color is muted, soft, almost pastel. After the firing, to 2100 degrees F. the pieces are transformed. The clay becomes porcelain and the color instensifies, strengthens, becomes clear. These particular little vases I call
"seed vases", part of the
seed vase project-

e Seed Vase Project is a global "scatter" piece which is a single unit in its entirety, but is spread throughout the world in individual’s homes. The Seed Vases are numbered, not as an edition but as an act of numbering, creating a sequential relationship between the pieces. They are then given as gifts or kept. It is my intention to redefine the very nature of the way we view art, creating greater accessibility through shared ownership and public invitation to the conversation.

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