Friday, January 13, 2006

Thinking and being

I am waking up each morning, now, thinking about what to blog. At this point, very few people are reading this blog, but I am still writing here everyday. I am cautioned by friends not to advertise my committment to write daily, in case I miss a day, but I am drawn to this new medium. I used to write a column for a local arts publication, but since my core daily activity is making pottery, I have to choose where to publish. For now, I have chosen to publish here. It is a far more fluid place to publish my thoughts and I can do it everyday, if I choose. So far it is a forgiving place to place my words, partly because it isn't being critiqued, yet, but I am forever hopeful. I have a feeling this new medium is similar to the invention of the printing press. Similar in its advancement of human thought, but this new medium is exponential, viral. It will catch on and impact the world far more quickly than the printing press did.

Yes, I hope these entries will allow me to sell more pottery, since I don't like packing up my work, hauling it in my van to various locations, set it up and get dressed up to stand in a booth and talk to a lot of people anymore. But more than that, this form of communication is giving me the opportunity to express my thoughts and hone my thinking about my work and about being.

I live in a rural environment, wildness exists outside my door. I spend my days making work that people will use. Work that contains, through the extreme temperature of the kiln, a sense of my being and the place where I work. Many mornings as I walk to the studio, I see a hawk circling in the sky seeking her next meal or just flying for the joy of it. It gives me a thrill to be in a place that supports that kind of life.

It is still dark out as I write this. It is still and quiet. My day ahead will be anything but, because I am going to New York today. But I will return here tonight, and wake up tomorrow in the stillness that is a part of my life now. A stillness which gives me pause for thought and lets me be, embuing my work with a sense of both.


CarolGert said...

I've tried to comment several times and con't. to try. I love the communication coming from a mind that is so aware of the life surrounding it. The photo's of place and product. Helps me feel a part of your world and is a wonderful connection.

Liz McIlvaine said...

lizmcilvaine writes:

Dear Mary Anne; our day with eachother yesterday, was a BLAST. The Bathroom Tile installation at Cathy's is so good, and makes very clear who you are as an artist.

Dear Cathy; Many Many thanks for the lovely evening. Everyone enjoyed you and your extensively impressive collections. Jeffery's presence was so smooth and sweet, and you are such a gracious hostess. Thanks !!!! and Love.

Dear Toshi; My little bag and cup have found homes instantly at my place. I hope you will come visit them and me sometime soon. I Loved meeting you.

Dear John; Great meeting you, yesterday with Mary Anne. You seam to me the clear choice to help us into the next adventure. Thanks.

Guillermo; Mucho Gusto Darling. I could hug you for eternity.

CarolGert said...

Wow! I'm overwhelmed by such lofty ideas. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the world could be this way. comment on 23 Jan.