Saturday, April 04, 2009

Expired Passport

Although I am missing being in Toronto at my own opening at Tinku Gallery, I am going to be there in spirit and virtually, on Twitter. Follow me. BUT, I am going now to wear the outfit I agonized about yesterday as I packed. Including this amazing scarf by John Krynick.

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Friday, April 03, 2009

Tinku Gallery

I am leaving shortly for the airport and off to Toronto for my first one person show in 5 years. I will be showing with Tinku Gallery, the brain child of Amrita Chandra, gallerist extraordinaire. I look forward to working with Amrita and am honored to be selected for representation by her gallery. This is a new time for art in the world. I hope to learn as much about its role in the 21st century working with Amrita as I have in all my years in the field. I have written a Manifesto with the title "The Role of Art in the 21st Century". hehe. Can't figure out how to post a PDF here on Blogger though, so that will have to wait until I change to my new WordPress platform, launching soon!!! Stay tuned...

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