Tuesday, January 23, 2007


My friends Amy Shaw and Jae Kim have a new kid on the virtual playground - their long awaited website is finally live- Check out Greenjeans for handmade stuff, purchasd virtually and shipped to your door!

Amy has also debuted today as a contributing editor to Worldchanging, a blog I appreciate. She's writing about craft and its impact on a sustainable future. Her first article is here- Go Amy!!

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National de-Lurking week??

OK, there's this thing going on, National de-Lurking week, who knew?? Very viral, nothing official, but hey, I'll play- thanks for the tag, Susan!!

So here goes, you get tagged (I did) you write a list about your-self (very personal stuff) -

1. I'm sober 16 years in April (TMI??)
2. I love my solitude
3. I like cats
4. I aspire to fiercely loyal friendships
5. I go to church (I'm not sure about God, but I like church, especially the hymns)

then you tag a few other people-- tagging Amy Shaw, Diana Fayt, Seth Godin, Hugh MacLeod

Monday, January 15, 2007

Jun Kaneko

Amazing article about a former teacher of mine in yesterday's New York Times, here...

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Thursday, January 11, 2007


It's been a while since I plugged in here. A lot going on, but the biggest news of my new year (so far) is that I am 7 days smoke free. I know, that's got nothing to do with pottery, but hey, it's my blog and right now, that's about all I can focus on, not smoking. I did it at Kripalu, a very cool retreat center near here... 20 other people did this with me and although I have quit many times, this time I have a bunch of new friends supporting eachother doing this most life affirming thing. By the way, quitting smoking really sucks. Will someone please remind of that so I never have to do this again?

I will have new pottery soon to post, but first, I think I'll take a deep breath...