Friday, March 10, 2006

Another blogging artist


Artist John T. Unger blogs about making a career as an artist with the blog as a portal. I love an artist who still calls himself an artist!

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johntunger said...

Heh. What do the other artists call themselves? Am I out of date?

Actually, I am sometimes an engineer, sometimes a designer, sometimes inventor, etc. Artist is just the quickest way to say I do everything.

I probably oughta call myself a "magician" or something, but that would just be silly. And get widely misinterpreted.

Thanks for the link to the blog! I'll be in touch...

CarolGert said...

"One who practices an art ... creates objects of beauty." Webster
O.K. Now what's an object of beauty? I believe we are all artists. Love this blog. It helps me think.

CarolGert said...

Love the photo of both your studio's in snow. Soon it would be fun to see the same shot in spring.