Saturday, March 11, 2006

Connect the Dots

What if artists today would focus on ways to imagine peace, instead of reacting to war? Can we shift our vision to the glass half full? The artist is a visionary, imagining new ways of doing things. With this question I also suggest we are all artists...

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Anonymous said...

Love this idea. We are all artists. We need but listen to our inner voice to know what to create how to create it, and where we need to go to do so. Maybe we just need to change our minds and find the peace within our selves.

Greenjeans Adventure said...

Nice poster!

Did you ever read Suzi Gablik's book The Reenchantment of Art? She writes about the artist's responsibility to promote such things as peace and positive social change. I take a great deal of issue with the book on some levels -- I don't think artists should be charged with any specific responsibilities -- but the strength of her argument is that art is very powerful and if it were used to communicate about social change it could actually have, and does actually have, a substantial impact. Seems in keeping with your post today, anyway!