Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Influence, inspiration and relationships

How do ideas and relationships form who we are? This is a question I have entertained my brain with most of my life. As an artist, I have beeen informed by artists throughout history, some more than others, but I have certainly built my current vision on the influence and inspiration of those artists who broke ground before me. My work itself is about relationships, how the intersection of knowing another impacts our development, a lot when we are young, but contiually through out our lives. A compelling conversation, book or media story affects how I think, how I view the world and can and will impact my choices. Knowing others changes me. Loving others changes me in profound ways. Loving others means I seek ways not to hurt them. It means I may change my behaviour, outlook and as a result even who I am as a person.

The sculpture in this photo is my attempt to show this process in an art context. The vases are nested, the bottles lean into eachother. The small vases seek the comfort and protection of the larger pieces. All metaphoric, abstract and impossible without the groundwork of potters, painters and sculptors who preceed me on this path.

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CarolGert said...

Oh my. I love this piece and the words you put with it. Love the dots and lines that fit so well together. Love the large and small that fit. Love the whole concept!

CarolGert said...

I love this piece! Love it's dots and lines that fit so well together, love the large and small together. Love the words that go with it! Thanks for seeing into ones soul and making it visible.