Saturday, March 18, 2006

Blogs as Art

A relative newcomer to blogging (who isn't??), 3 months or so under my belt, I am beginning to see some similarities to art in blogsphere. Art, these days, is pretty much anything you claim as art. So are blogs. Plenty of bad art happens, is declared art, and well, there you have it. Art! Bad art and good art. The distinction and the real art becomes clear over time. Sometimes very bad art, on first glance turns out to be really great art, because innovation can be uncomfortable. My first take on Picassso (age 17, in an art history class) was Yuck! I have a much more informed opinion of Picasso today, 30 years later. Blogs are a way for the creative geek (??) to express him/herself in a brand new context. Seth talks about noise and the desire for a lot of traffic, but always returns to his underlying imperitive of authentic stories and quality, not quantity. Hugh describes the Infinite market for something to believe in, meaning. The goal of great art, if I may, is meaning, after all.

So, whatever you might think about blogging in general, it is really in the specific that blogging can become an art form, maybe already is. Building a great blog takes time, like making a masterpiece, and it is done through the daily attention to your story, your vision and your ability to change in the very fast nature of developing technology. Everything is possible here.

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Marco Raaphorst said...

yes, I love Seth too. my problems is English. I am better in blogging in Dutch and it is great fun. But I will try to improve my style.

And don't forget: small is the new big. Seth says so :) Quality is the main thing.

susan said...

You said a mouthful MAD. Quality vs. Quantity. OK i table arted today, but again, I am going to reference you tomorrow with this piece. It speaks volumes.
danke schoen!

York said...

Nice to meet you. I am York Date from Japan.

Originally I was prompted to read this by title "Blogs as Art". In fact, it is a nice post indeed.

Blog is social activity that involves re-creation process as well as art. On the condition that it is placed online, it is going on for good and all, even if we declare closure.

Mad said...

Thanks York, Susan and Marco. This grows more amazing by the day.