Thursday, January 11, 2007


It's been a while since I plugged in here. A lot going on, but the biggest news of my new year (so far) is that I am 7 days smoke free. I know, that's got nothing to do with pottery, but hey, it's my blog and right now, that's about all I can focus on, not smoking. I did it at Kripalu, a very cool retreat center near here... 20 other people did this with me and although I have quit many times, this time I have a bunch of new friends supporting eachother doing this most life affirming thing. By the way, quitting smoking really sucks. Will someone please remind of that so I never have to do this again?

I will have new pottery soon to post, but first, I think I'll take a deep breath...


avl said...

Congrats! Once you have made a decision to do anything, I think you are already 99% there. The other 1% is the time that needs to pass to make it real.
Enjoy your smoke free environment!

sus said...

The reason I've stayed smoke free is because it's so damn hard to quit

Susan Schwake said...

hooray for mad! another one of our artists - albina mcphail at
outofhands.blogspot just did the same thing.
strong women can do anything.

CarolGert said...

Fantastic! Go girl.