Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mala Meal Project

I am going to UC Berkeley in less than 2 weeks to present my Mala Meal Project. Last night, 10 kids, ages 10 - 15 years, glazed 108 bowls in my studio. The bowls will hold a simple meal of local food and be fed to 108 people after a blessing in 10-12 different faith traditions. Mala Meal has been invited to be part of a conference called the 5th International Symposium for Digital Earth

The kids lit up my studio last night. Their piece is the first phase of realizing the project. I will post more about it as we go.

Google Earth is a sponsor. Here is a post about the Symposium posted on Google Earth News today -

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Susan Schwake said...

maryann. i am so impressed. best of luck with this beautiful project.
life has been full - overfull- here. i miss you and when you return, we will chat.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful inclusive project. Love seeing all the folks involved ... from young to older. LOL, CFD