Monday, September 24, 2007

Paul Hawken, Blessed Unrest and WiserEarth

Paul Hawken speaking at a Bioneers event about his book, Blessed Unrest. Worth a look, about 5 minutes.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mary Anne. This is a wonderful clip. I am happy to see it again, as it is always moving to be reassured that there is hope. Thanks for spreading the word! Dee

Mike said...

Check out Hawkens project,

It's a massive database of more than 100,000 ngos and nonprofits working on social and environmental change.

It's pretty useful to browse for organizations in cities near where you live. Also check out the 379 areas of focus including Information and Communication Technology, Workers Rights, Environmental Education, Peace and Peacemaking and Local Food Systems. Organizations are "categorized" under multiple areas of focuses so that people can find them.

It's a continuous work in progress that will adapt more and more towards serving the people who are serving the world.