Sunday, January 06, 2008

Blogging 2008

OK, it is now January and I am studying, thinking, meditating, contemplating and a whole lot of reading; Twitter, Facebook, blogs etc. in re. to what or how I will continue to blog here. I am writing this post as a way to open (hopefully) some sort of conversation with readers here regarding where an artist should focus her attention in relation to online communication. I have written about a variety of subjects in the past 2 years of blogging, from peace activities to other potters to my own work. I have been admittedly undisciplined but keep coming back because there is something about this form of communication, a bit more than a message in a bottle, which is very appealing. My favorite thing is to post a photo and write something brief.

Seth said recently, writing about other people is more effective than writing about yourself, but that was in regards to authors. As a visual artist, a blog is a place to publish work that may not be seen in real time, in other words, as it is made. Artists often want an idea fleshed out before it is published. But is blogging really publishing? It depends. It depends on who sees what I have posted and what the response is. If I am avoiding the critique until I have fully formed the idea, then I may want to wait before I post an image. If I am interested in an open source development of a more universal or collective idea, well maybe the online process posting introduces other voices which lend creative influence to an idea's iteration.

Anyway, this is all a way of saying, I'm still here. I hope to post more often in the coming year. And, most of all, I look forward to participating as the blog and the web in general become a greater part of of our lives. I do believe quite profoundly that we find our way together, into this vast and exciting future.

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Anonymous said...

Here is someone who reads your blog faithfully, and is very glad for this connection. I always learn from this blog.

Mary Anne Davis said...

Thanks for saying hey.

Susan Schwake said...

yes, we love you.

Chris McCormick said...

Hi, I stumbled on your blog and I am happy I did. Your posts are very interesting and I hope you continue. I noticed in your sidebar you have the Google Calendar and it says CABOOM above it. Is that in reference to the CABOOM show?
Anyway, great blog, beautifull work! Have linked to you on my blog
Chris McCormick

mudheartpottery said...

Wish I could post as effectively as you do on such important topics - opens doors for your regular readers like me - thankyou