Friday, May 23, 2008

The New Web

"Something's happening here....What it is ain't exactly clear..."

I started tuning into FriendFeed a few weeks ago, and I feel like I am being whipped into a whole new world. This blog is 2 1/2 years old, my Facebook account is 1 year old, maybe? Twitter got added to my party, oh late last year. All of these services I have approached from a hmmm, cool but not quite sure how to use them, what is it, what do really want to share with all these people, most of whom I don't even know. Then, here comes FriendFeed and whoosh! I am off and running. Suddenly, I am checking out posts about social networking, conversations I actually feel I understand and can connect too.
This particular post is a response to Colin Walker's recent post which led me to Alexander van Elsas. I suggested my blogging about this is a bad idea and he says, "why?"

OK, for anybody who has been reading this news outlet for my studio knows it is mostly pictures of my work, occasional sharing of what I deem interesting news on politics and economics. I struggle to stay focused on my work, an old idea. Focus. Getting things done... Creating goals, seeing through an idea, a thesis, developing my skill as a craftswoman, etc. etc. The Internet is inherently disruptive. It interrupts the flow of work in numerous ways. Today I read email is the new snail mail. (can't remember where or I would post a link). Access to this conversation is limited to; 1) one's ability to own or access a computer and an online service, 2) one's facility in learning how to use the tools currently available- Adaptivity. When Gutenberg invented the printing press, the first book published was a 1000 year old tome, the Bible. Most agree a seminal work. I argue the current communication revolution is still in its very formative period, but moving along very quickly. As such, it is almost impossible for non-professionals to stay abreast and current - a multiple problem.

I am interested in the conversation and even more interested in where this is all going. I look forward to expanding how I communicate, how I engage and if Doug Englebart is correct, in the evolution of my own intelligence and consciousness. The games, they have begun...


Anonymous said...

I'm glad the post and FriendFeed have inspired you.

The "email is the new snail mail" quote comes from Alexanders blog by the way.

Unknown said...

See, that wasn't so hard ;-)

Don't worry about keeping up the pace or knowing what it is about. You can always respond using personal experience, just like you just did. Good to see you are joining the conversation on Social Media, don't get lost in it. :-)