Saturday, June 14, 2008

High Price of Oil

I have to write this post. I had an insight yesterday I felt would be perfectly expressed here and today's paper just inspires me further to state it. Here goes- The high price of oil is more about getting as much profit from the final days (OK, years) of the fossil fuel economy as possible, because, well, alternative energy and conservation are the future. Like a tsunami... Exxon, Getty, BP, their days are numbered, at least as the force they are today. Peak oil, well, maybe. Global warming? I think yes! Our collective wisdom is winning and the oil companies know it. The advent of the post fossil fuel world is here. Toyota has surpassed Ford and GM as the leading auto mobile manufacturer in the world for one reason. The Prius. Can you say 45 miles per gallon?? (well, they run a pretty tight ship too)

There is lots of talk from the CEO of GM about the return of electric car. Energy star is the new standard in all home appliances. Radiant heat, solar panels, better insulation, the rising awareness of local food, for taste, health and inherent goodness, well the list goes on. The environment will win because we DO want to survive. This will preclude the end of the fossil fuel era as we know it. As demand decreases, profits will plummet and the current kings of the economy will experience a dramatic seat shift.

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