Wednesday, December 08, 2010

More New Beginnings

After one and half years of trying to make my blogging strictly about business, I have decided to return here for more spontaneous blogging, more personal and perhaps more about my art. My art tends to be more fragile, more risky and scarier than my dishes, which I view as the revenue stream of my reality. All that said, I also want to speak frankly somewhere in a kind of open forum, which the blog allows me to do. Thank you for reading this and for possibly entering into a new phase of my online experiment in being. I will use this blog for publishing images of new work, as well as rants and thoughts about art and life and things which might be more controversial than selling simple dishes.

In other words, I plan to use this blog to grow. As a person. As a citizen. And as an artist.

BTW, this decision was based on this recent blog post by an old friend.

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