Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Udon bowls

What is sustainability? What does a thriving human race look like on this planet? How can we shift to a more responsible way of being, budgeting natural resources and becoming more environmentally and socially conscious? One aspect of living gently on the earth includes making in artisinal studios. Crafts, art. Our stuff is important. Where we get it, how it is made and by whom, impact not only our homes, but our neighbors as well. If we look to acquire new things from the local potter, weaver, quilter, painter, woodworker, basket maker, we not only live in a more unique environment formed by discreet choices, we also affect the economy in a gentler way. Buying goods from small makers, small in scale yet big in concept, then the social aspect of acquiring takes on a different tone. Seth Godin's new book, Small is the New Big is worth a look to understand how this idea can truly impact business and a curated life. So many levels, so much possibility...

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Susan Schwake said...

hear hear... finally saw this past weekend ... the inconvient truth. great post mad.

Greenjeans said...

Yes ma'am! Thanks for writing this today and reminding me why I do what I do. The bureaucratic aspects of running a business have been getting to me today, but your post helped me to refocus on my aim instead of outcomes.

Those are beautiful bowls, too!

- Amy

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

"live simply so others may simply live!" Dorothy Day
I stand in your line of thought!

Shannon Garson said...

I often think about sustainability in a ceramic practice- I fantasize about becoming a millionare and starting a charitable research program into the Solar Kiln. We would develop one for manufacturing- this would be particularly usefull for poverty ridden desert communites as it would provide a desert industry and jobs, an we would also develop a domestic solar kiln for potters such as you and I!