Friday, August 18, 2006

Berkshire Craft Fair

1) Barbara and Robert Matthews, shoemakers extraordinaire

2) Peggy and Julian at Iro, lovely hand painted fabrics turned into clothes, bags and table linens

3) Natasha Wozniak and Jun, amazing jeweler

4) Ellen Grenadier, Berkshire County potter

5) Diana Fayt, blogging potter

6) Caudia Mills, weaver

7) Jim Holohan metals

I visited the Berkshire Craft Fair this past weekend and said hello to many friends and wonderful artists bravely standing in booths, selling their work. Here is a sampling of my favorites.

I wish I knew how to make this look better, but I have to go make my own pottery now! :)

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Susan Schwake said...

lovely mad my dear. thank you for taking the time to show it all! hope it is all going well!

Greenjeans said...

This looks teriffic! Thanks for the tour of the fair we wanted to go to but couldn't schedule in this year... So much beautiful work!


- Amy

Diary of a Potter said...

Hi Mad, Nice pictures and nice show.
for any art show we have to wait until December, here in Miami.
So I really enjoyed watching your pictures.
Take care

sus said...

Fantastic, you always give me a chance to see what's going o in your neck of the woods. Love the art work

CarolGert said...

I sure like your blog! And the neat mugs that fit my hand and eye so well!