Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year

Been looking at a lot of very impressive 1st of the year happy new year wishes and all kinds of organizing tools and getting my head around another year past, a new year ahead. A lot of reflection on the high suck factor of 2008. A lot of amazing stuff happened too. I hope to stay a little more on this side of positive this year. Obama won, Hilary made a bunch of cracks in the glass ceiling of women in power, probably a million other small and not so small achievements I can't think of, don't know or are private in the hearts and minds of millions of people.

My goals, so far this year simple:

1) focus
2) clear out
3) reinvent the wheel, I mean website/blog presence

The first 2 are really my mantra. Keep it simple, DIY where and when I can, dig in, be strong and be a good friend, potter, artist, business person, mother, sister, wife and then some. My online life has added an immeasurable ability to be a human being. I look forward to the practice all this learning has inspired.

Happy New Year! and thanks for reading.

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