Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A Set of Dishes

I had an amazing day and a half with a brilliant young man, David Bausola, whom I met through conversations on Twitter. The interaction I have been enjoying there and elsewhere around the web has been teaching me an enormous amount. My work, though, continues to deepen my original concepts forming over the past 25 years of working.

This set of dishes which I removed from the kiln this week is the result of a year long development with a designer. The swatches on the table are what I was given to work with. The back and forth included sending the designer and client glazed saucers. My job was to steer the project in a direction I think will suit the daily use of the dishes on the table.

Looking at the table as art makes conscious use of tableware the first function of having a dinner or meal. Being awake and sensitive to all that is going on, be it in each other or in our environment, is an essential step in being on the planet together. Bringing the beautiful to the table in terms of background (dishes), food (fresh, well prepared), and guests to partake (friends and family) forms the foundation for a healthy culture. Elevating these practices to art is the task at hand.

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