Saturday, May 20, 2006

Mind bending

In Euan Semple's blog, The Obvious, he points to this very cool website, where he credits James with the heads up. I went to James's blog, didn't find the link to this on his opening couple of entries, but found this. If you are a breadcrumb follower, check out these 2 links, and welcome to my world!

Blogging is an opportunity for disruption. Chosen disruption. By looking around the blogsphere, often in random ways, much can be glimpsed that just might improve your day!

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Greenjeans said...

I love that Evolution of Dance piece! It's so much fun to watch. I needed a good laugh today -- I'm full of anticipation for Sung & Amy's wedding tomorrow and the big rehearsal dinner tonight, and my sister and Dad are on their way into town to stay with us -- aaaaahk!

So thanks for helping me find some ease and fun!

Susan Schwake said...

i love the chosen disruption... the evolution of dance was something my husband found a couple of weeks ago and we just laughed and laughed. good to randomly find things which disrupt you into laughter!

Anonymous said...

Hey - thanks for finding my blog! It turns out I mentioned it to Euan via AIM - but he bloggged it before I'd had a chance to put some words together...!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

that dance had me laughing and clapping and kicking up my heels!!

Too funny!! But man he can dance!!