Thursday, May 11, 2006

Karin Eriksson - Swedish Potter

Karin Eriksson is a Swedish potter, one of 3 blogging potters (that I know of). If you know of any other other potters blogging, let me know!

I like Karin's work because of her simple, elegant forms and her use of decals with an elegant line.

I am posting about her here today because she is participating in an interesting selling venture in Brighton, England. A bit far for me to travel, but I love the idea. Brighton has an annual arts month in May, part of England's biggest arts festival, The Brighton Festival. Karin's work can be seen in the Yellow House.

I love this idea, because it's all about art, dedicates the entire month of May to art and engages a huge community in strolling around Brighton, looking at and buying art. Artists are invited to bring their work into hundreds of homes and it is left there for the month. Open on weekends, artists are present to talk about their work and engage with visitors.

So, if your going to Brighton in the next 2 weeks, check it out. Or, maybe, plan an arts festival in your region and gather all the artists up to open their doors to visitors!

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Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

one of three potters who are my favorite!!

Susan Schwake said...

i love love love the work of karin eriksson. too far for me to travel as well, but i am inspired by this concept to plan another event!

Greenjeans said...

I LOVE Eriksson's work. Rena Tom at Rare Device next door to Greenjeans here in the South Slope carries it and I love going to visit it! Folks can order online from her, too:

As for blogging potters... I'll keep my eye out!

- Amy

Anonymous said...

I'm a blogging potter!

I'm not a daily blogger but I post bits about my studio and life. My site is:

I found you on Karin Erickson's style blog.